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With so many shiny opportunities on the horizon, how do advice-based and membership-based firms bring ideas to execution?

Especially industry-related marketing messages for clients and centers of influence?

Ideas are the easy part.
Execution is the challenge.

As a visionary leader, I’m sure you can relate.

You’re full of great ideas that you KNOW will shift your business into the stratosphere, but you can’t seem to get any of them off the ground.

Or maybe you’ve selected one, and the launch didn’t get the results you’d envisioned.

Either scenario can leave you feeling frustrated and depleted.

What if there was a better way to accomplish more for your firm, without pressing into capacity by spending more time and energy, and of course, money?

There is. And the answer is strategy.

Creating a strategy is how ideas turn into action.

Slant Consulting brings strategy to your best business ideas, and together, we develop actionable plans that create more intentional outcomes.

We’ll connect the dots between best business practices, business development, marketing strategy, and streamlined communication.

Start connecting the dots with a clarity call.

Let’s face it: you’ve been around the block enough times to know that building the plane as you fly it isn’t an option.

We don’t plan to fail. We fail to plan. Strategy is the plan.

When strategy is in place you gain:

Without clarity around what is in place and what is available, it can be difficult to make decisions that allow you to move marketing communications and business development forward within your business.

Regardless of your personal or professional life, everyone thrives in an environment that feels organized with a plan or sense of structure. Without a plan in place, we have found that our clients lose sight of proactive business development efforts and fall into a repetitive, exhausting cycle of pursuing only what is directly in front of them.

Innovative ideas will remain static and unheard unless they are shared in a way that the audience is able to understand and connect the dots. Without a method of clear communication around what is available on an on-going basis, opportunities to help clients achieve better outcomes will be missed.

Then you're able to execute.

Interested in learning more about solutions to common marketing issues your firm may face? Let’s connect!

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Meet Fereshteh "Fresh"

Fresh is a naturally curious and astute strategist with a knack for identifying and prioritizing growth opportunities, articulating and solving problems, and delivering actionable insights.

As a “trusted advisor’s advisor” Fresh plays to her strengths as a relationship builder and delivers immense value for privately held business owners and professional advisors in the insurance, financial services, and entertainment sectors.

Through her proprietary concierge discovery process, Fresh delivers clarity for business owners looking to streamline content and simplify their online presence to generate new business opportunities.


Fereshteh has been more than valuable for our firm. Her persistence, creativity, attention to detail is something she should be proud of, and we are appreciative of. With Fresh, you never have to ask twice. You can rely on her, no matter what project she is working on. Her organization skills and tireless work ethic make her quite special. We are happy to have had her on our team.

Michael S. Seltzer, CLU, ChFC
Verite Group, LLC

Fereshteh helped us revive our company website with a new design and new content. We were able to put repeatable practices in place to keep us in front of our target markets. Her tailored approach allows the client to lead the conversation and she helps solve the issues that clients bring up.

Matthew Halvorson
Calibrate Wealth Partners

Fereshteh helped organize and collaborate on projects that I haven’t had the time required to complete. She coordinated the pieces, the players and developed the messaging to get it done. By working closely with busy advisors and business owners, she has been able to take the tasks off of our plate, provide us with confidence knowing that it will get accomplished and allows us to shine, doing what we do best: taking care of our current and prospective clients.

Kwesi SimmsParris, CPA
Kaspian Group, Inc.

As a firm whose foundation is built on relationships, staying in touch with clients is critical for the lifeline of our business. Fresh partnered with us to organize, create and implement a strategy and plan with relevant business development and industry related topics. We were able to put a plan in place and remove the guesswork out of our ongoing marketing.

Jack H. Curtis, CLU
Curtis & Associates

Fresh and her team are so much more than marketers for us — they are near-daily advisors. They’ve helped us contextualize how to best serve our members across all our digital platforms. Thanks to their insight and expertise, we’ve revolutionized our website to better connect with and help financial professionals committed to holistic planning, a crucial step in fulfilling our organization’s mission of financial security for all. As our relationship with the team continues, they’ve remained committed to helping us think through solutions that best serve our members today and long into the future.

Maggie Seidel
SVP, Public Affairs and Marketing at Finseca

Our company has a long-standing relationship with Fereshteh that has enhanced our marketing. We engaged her (and her team) to join our rebranding efforts partway through the process. Fereshteh quickly grasped our vision, picked up the fragmented pieces, and assembled a team of experts who developed our brand, website, and cohesive look. Fereshteh oversaw the project phases and details, and she made every interaction purposeful and productive. Her involvement kept us moving in the right direction, and we couldn’t be more pleased with the result.

Ken Samuelson
Principal, Morehead Group

I have had the pleasure in working with Fereshteh on a few projects. In each and every case, she exhibited professionalism and experiential know-how. She is one of those professionals that I would seek to find ways in which I can collaborate with her on when it comes to new projects. I also found that she has a fantastic knack at managing and overseeing a project while ensuring that internal and external stakeholders are regularly kept up to date.

Jeff A. Neumeister, CPA, Partner
Neumeister & Associates