The Importance of a Complete LinkedIn Profile for Small Business Owners

If you do not have a complete LinkedIn profile, you’re leaving cash on the table. Literarily.

The problem is even worse if you run a B2B company because LinkedIn accounts for 80% of B2B social media leads. That’s why LinkedIn is the most-used social media platform among fortune 500 companies; boasting well over 500 million users worldwide.

So, how do you leverage LinkedIn for your business?

It all starts with having a complete profile. Here are a few top reasons why a complete and optimized LinkedIn profile is so important. 

1. Higher search engine ranking

By having a complete LinkedIn profile, you will be more likely to appear at the top of search engine result when someone searches for your name or your company.

For example, when you enter my name in the search box, my LinkedIn profile appears top of the search result even before my company’s website, again showing why it is so important to have a complete profile – since LinkedIn ranks higher than most sites.

search results

However, if your profile comes short of complete, other users with a similar name and comprehensive profile will take that number one spot. And when potential leads can’t find your LinkedIn profile in the first page of search results, they will often doubt your credibility, which brings us to the next key point.

2. Gain credibility

A complete profile entails telling your work story and listing your top skills. It becomes your work and business life in clear, transparent terms. And that’s a good thing because it gives you credibility.

Potential leads and connections may judge your credibility based on your skills, endorsements and past work experience, which will help to attract more high-profile business connections.

With a more complete profile, the quality content you share is not going to get lost in feeds without a share of the 9 billion content impressions/views on the platform.

3. Create Your Company Profile

Completing your LinkedIn profile also means creating a business profile. As a small business, a complete profile on LinkedIn also helps your brand generate organic traffic, increase your brand visibility, and credibility.

For example, with a company profile, employees can put your brand on their profiles, and other users can mention your brand in their posts.

Final Thoughts

These benefits will accrue only if your complete profile is targeted at attracting leads, ranking in search engines, making valuable connections and showing off your credibility as a business owner.

It’s a tough task because it requires time you barely have to focus on other vital business needs. But you need the viable leads so bad that’s why I’m offering to take it off your plate and help you create a complete and optimized LinkedIn profile.

Would you like help with sprucing up your LinkedIn profile? Send me a direct message to get started.